Ted Esselstyn

I left my career in medicine in 1997 after completing medical school and a year-long internship. Since leaving medicine for the arts, I have not looked back and I am delighted to share this work of mine with you.

My introduction to woodworking came through a job as a carpenter fresh out of college, which soon led me to furniture making... and provided me with all the blank canvasses I needed to paint . Recently I have been doing a mix of painted murals,  furniture commissions and public works in such places as libraries, schools, hospitals and children's museums. This mix keeps the work diverse and satisfying.

Using a combination of the functional and the eclectic and using ordinary objects in extraordinary ways, I have tried to capture the audience's attention as they engage in ordinary activities, such as hanging up a coat or sitting in a waiting room. Through my work, I try to stimulate people to see their world—our world—in a slightly different way. Or at the very least, I hope to make them smile.  Enjoy Ted